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Gerald Henderson drafted #12 by the Bobcats

Gerald Henderson won’t have to travel very far when he moves into his new place in Charlotte. The Charlotte Bobcats drafted the former Duke Blue Devil with the number 12 overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft on Thursday night. Henderson was in attendance in New York City during the draft to take it all in.

Some people think it is ironic that Henderson was drafted by the Bobcats since they are headed by two former Tarheels. Michael Jordan and Larry Brown both are in the Bobcats organization and Jordan said after the draft that it is sometimes hard to draft a former Duke player just because he knows how big the rivalry is.

“I think he has a big upside – really athletic,” Brown said. “He has a (natural) position – he’s a legit 2-guard with size and with that athleticism he can cover.”

“I like his physical capabilities and his (willingness) to listen to the coach,” Jordan said. “Last year in the NCAAs there was a lot of talk about him that he couldn’t go to his left. So he immediately started working on his left hand.”

I think the Bobcats are a great fit for Gerald and I hope he continues to improve his game and have a long lasting career in the NBA. Congrats Gerald!

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Greg Paulus will announce his decision Thursday

I have learned that Former Duke point guard Greg Paulus will have a teleconference tomorrow where he will announce his decision on where he will play one year of football. It is down to his hometown Syracuse or out in the Midwest at Nebraska.

Paulus is wanting to take some journalism classes while playing one year at quarterback. I expect him to announce his decision to attend Syracuse because they are his hometownt team and also the University is one of the top rated for Journalism.

The teleconference is scheduled for 10:00 ET Thursday morning so we will know shorly what his plans are.

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Greg Paulus to play football at Michigan?

Senior point guard Greg Paulus will be graduating with his degree from Duke in June, however he might not be done in the classroom as he has the opportunity to go to Michigan for graduate school. The school part doesn’t surprise me, however he has also been offered a scholarship by coach Rodriguez to play footbal for one year.

I know that Paulus was the national player of the year for football his senior year in high school but I don’t see how this is a good fit for the Michigan program. Paulus isn’t exactly a speedy guy and I don’t see how he can run Rodriguez’s offense that great. Especially since he hasn’t thrown a football for four years and isn’t in *football shape*.

It will be interesting to see if Greg does indeed go up to Ann Arbor. One thing we know, he will give it is all if he chooses to and we wish him the best!

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Nate James named the new assistant basketball coach at Duke

Nate James is the newest former Duke basketball player to be named an assistant coach at Duke University.  James will take the spot that opened up after Johnny Dawkins decided to take the head coaching job at Stanford.

James had worked with the last year with the Duke staff and is well liked in the Duke community.  He will jon Chris Collins and Steve Wojciechowski on the bench as assistant coaches.

It will be interesting to see how James does recruiting and being a 100% assistant coach for the first time.

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Former Duke Player Daniel Ewing signs with Russia Team

After Daniel Ewing was released from the Los Angeles Clippers this summer, he wasn’t sure where he would be playing basketball next.  No other NBA team picked him up, so he decided to pack his bags and head to Russia where he signed a two year contract to play for the Khimki team in Russia.

We wish Daniel all the best, and hope to see him back in the NBA soon.  Keep your head up high and keep on ballin!

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Daniel Ewing waived by the Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers today waived guard Daniel Ewing.  It was a tough break for Daniel who really never got a chance to show what he really could do with the Clippers.

In two years with the Clippers, Ewing averaged 3.4 points, 1.4 assists 13.3 minutes per game. Ewing was the 32nd overall selection by the Clippers in the 2005 NBA Draft.

I suppose it was more less a move to make for their draft picks to sign and take a chance on.  Hopefully Ewing will find a team that he fits into well, and can get some more playing time.

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Josh McRoberts drafted by the Trailblazers in the 2nd round

Well it wasn’t what Josh McRoberts was hoping for, or what Duke fans were thinking but Josh didn’t get drafted until the second round tonight in the NBA Draft.

The Portland Trailblazers drafted Josh with the seventh pick in the second round.  The Trailblazers are going to have a totally different team this year that is for sure. They drafted Greg Oden with the first pick and made a trade with the Knicks for Steve Francis.

It will be interesting to see how Josh fits in with the Trailblazers. Will they give him the opportunity he needs to show what he can do?  Time will tell…

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ESPN’s Top10 Most Hated Duke Players

LOL! I just love it when the media talks about Duke. Of course after the hard foul by Gerald Henderson to UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough, the media would be all over the Duke team and fans. I thought that you might enjoy reading this if you didn’t see it on ESPN.

1. Christian Laettner (1988-92)
Résumé: Three-time All-America selection (1990, ‘91, ‘92); 1992 Wooden Award winner; played on four Final Four teams, which included Duke’s first two national championships.
Why he’s hated: Stepped on the chest of Kentucky’s Aminu Timberlake during a 1992 NCAA Tournament regional final, then famously nailed the winning shot after receiving a three-quarter-court pass from Grant Hill.
Oddity: He was selected over Shaquille O’Neal for the only collegiate spot on the 1992 Dream Team, which seems a wee bit silly in retrospect.

2. J.J. Redick (2002-06)
Résumé: Two-time All-America selection (2004, ‘05); No. 11 selection in the 2006 NBA draft (Orlando).
Why he’s hated: Redick is one of the cockiest Dukies, and his frequent game-winning heroics deflated opposing fans throughout the ACC.
Oddity: Redick thinks he’s a poet, but we tend to disagree. Two-time All-America selection (2004, ‘05); No. 11 selection in the 2006 NBA draft (Orlando). Redick is one of the cockiest Dukies, and his frequent game-winning heroics deflated opposing fans throughout the ACC. , but we tend to disagree.

3. Steve Wojciechowski (1994-98)
Résumé: National defensive player of the year (1998).
Why he’s hated: Did someone say floor slapping? Yep. It’s the floor slapping. There is no getting around the fact that it was seriously aggravating. Plus …
Oddity: Can you imagine Wojo getting into LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony about playing defense? It happened at the Team USA workouts this past summer. Result: a pride-swelling bronze medal at the world championships.

4. Chris Collins (1993-96)
Résumé: Duke assistant since 2001; first-team All-ACC freshman (’93); second-team All-ACC (’96).
Why he’s hated: Collins, son of former NBA player and coach Doug Collins, will be remembered for his overcelebrations after making shots. As with Wojo, his return as an assistant coach has boosted his shelf life indefinitely.
Oddity: How did the WNBA Detroit Shock ever let him get away? (He was an assistant in 1998.)

5. Brian Davis (1988-92)
Résumé: All-ACC tournament (1992); team captain (’92).
Why he’s hated: Close friend of Laettner’s — more than enough reason to be ranked this high.
Oddity: He and Laettner are part of a group that paid $33 million for D.C. United, the MLS franchise. And we thought Mike Krzyzewski prepared his players to make wise decisions in the real world. All-ACC tournament (1992); team captain (’92). Close friend of Laettner’s — more than enough reason to be ranked this high. He and Laettner are part of a group that paid . And we thought Mike Krzyzewski prepared his players to make wise decisions in the real world.

6. Mike Krzyzewski (head coach, 1980-present)
Résumé: Enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001; 775 career victories (702 at Duke); three national championships and 10 Final Four appearances.
Why he’s hated: The perception of him being smug disguised as being serious; recruiting inroads disguised as commercial endorsements; success — no matter your alma mater, he probably has defeated it at some point.
Oddities: The coincidental timing of his leave of absence (exhaustion, back injury) and a 2-14 ACC record under Pete Gaudet in 1995 … the alleged rat resemblance … the whole episode of discussions with the Lakers.
7. Danny Ferry (1985-89)
Résumé: Naismith Award winner (1989); two-time All-America selection (1988, ‘89); No. 2 overall pick in 1989 NBA draft (Los Angeles Clippers).
Why he’s hated: For breaking the barrier of no Krzyzewski pupils winning an NBA championship ring (San Antonio, 2003).
Oddity: A Krzyzewski pupil has won an NBA championship ring?!?!?

8. Bobby Hurley (1989-93)
Résumé: Two-time All-America selection (1992, ‘93); No. 7 overall pick in the 1993 NBA draft (Sacramento).
Why he’s hated: He looks like someone you could take to the cleaners in a pickup game, but wound up becoming the NCAA career assists leader.
Oddity: Dead ringer for Emilio Estevez.

9. Shavlik Randolph (2002-05)
Résumé: Entered the NBA draft with a year of eligibility remaining, only to go undrafted.
Why he’s hated: Bitter feelings still remain over the recruiting battle for his collegiate services. He spurned NC State, where he was a ball boy as a kid and his grandfather was an All-American in the 1950s.
Oddity: The amount of publicity his “Don’t bring your gayness on me� comments generated. Ummm. This is Shav Randolph — he of seven career NBA starts. More wisdom and insight from Shav can be found here.

10. Gerald Henderson (2006-present)
Résumé: Son of former NBA player of same name; possesses sharp elbows.
Why he’s hated: No. 10 with a bullet … even if you live in a cave, we figure you’ve seen the clip from Sunday’s game.
Oddity: That Coach K used the Isiah Thomas excuse of the opponent keeping its starters in the game long after the outcome was decided.

Honorable mention:

Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Jay Williams: They brought an air of coolness to a predominantly dorky program, temporarily making it more difficult to make fun of the team.

Quin Snyder: It’s somewhat ironic that a three-time All-ACC academic team selection ultimately was accused of academic fraud as coach of Missouri. Did we mention the hair?

Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts: Only time will tell, but these guys are off to a brilliant start in the hated department.

Corey Maggette and William Avery: We hardly knew ye, and we barely had a chance to hate ye.

Mike Dunleavy Jr.: He earned All-America honors in 2002 and occasionally caused temporary blindness in spectators with his severe whiteness.

Eric Meek: Prototypical awkward, nerdy Dukie.

Mark Alarie, Tommy Amaker and Johnny Dawkins: This group helped return Duke to glory with a Final Four trip in 1986. Without the groundbreaking work of this trio, none of the subsequent decades of hatred would have been possible. Thanks, fellas.

Shane Battier:Our memories are apparently too short. We initially omitted him from the list, but many of you were kind enough to point out that he might have flopped once or twice over the years.

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