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Duke picks up a few more wins

I finally got some spare time and updated the ACC, AP and ESPN/USA standings that are posted over on the right side of the blog. Duke comes in at #7 in the AP poll and #5 in the ESPN/USA Today poll. Not a bad place to sit in the middle of conference play.

The guys were able to pick up wins over Maryland and St. Johns in the last week. The victory over the Terrapins was very good because it came on the road and in a venue where we have seen the Blue Devils struggle in. The home game against St. Johns could have turned out the same except St. Johns had a strong second half and only lost by seven points. Had Duke locked down on defense in the second half, both wins would have been great. However we really can’t complain picking up back to back wins at this point in the season.

Next game will be Feb 2nd at Virginia Tech. Let’s keep up the momentum and pick up another ACC conference win!


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Why Duke has been struggling

So the guys haven’t been playing well as of late. Close calls in conference games isn’t new but the way things are happening is new. The one thing that is really standing out to me is the lack of defensive play. Guys are not getting back, not communicating and thus playing like crap on the defensive end of the court. opposing teams with quick guards have been able to get into the lane either knock down shots or dish it off to their teammates for layups. Time to lock down on the defensive end guys.

One other thing we have noticed as fans is lack of a true leader out on the court. There isn’t that Jon Scheyer or Nolan Smith. Someone the guys can really look up too. The team is so young that mistakes will happen but you are in conference play now so it’s time to cut back on those mistakes and not get in such a hurry. Let the game come to you and good things will happen.

Tonight, Duke is favored by 23 points over visiting Wake Forest. Time for the guys to lock down on defense and let the game come to them on offense. Settle down, knock down the open shots and pick up another conference win!


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Not a good night for Duke

It wasn’t a good night for the guys last night in Philadelphia. Playing in front of a large crowd at the Wells Fargo Arena, Duke had a very poor defensive performance and lost to an unrated Temple team 78-73. Duke had beaten Temple the last nine times but on Wednesday night it was a very different Duke team out there. You just don’t see them get beat over and over on the defensive end of the court. I have a feeling today’s practice / film session is not going to be a fun one.

The offense was fueled by the Plumlee brothers as Miles scored 17 and Mason chipped in with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Freshman Austin Rivers also finished with 12 points.

I do have to say that Austin needs to slow down a little bit and not get in a hurry to attack the basket so much. He gets close to the big guys and can’t finish over the taller players. That’s one difference he will have to learn at the college level.

Where was Seth Curry and Andre Dawkins?

ACC Conference play will start up Jan 7th against Georgia Tech on the road. I  have a feeling Coack K will have the guys ready to go and we will see the guys back playing “Duke Basketball”

Cliff – @JustDukeCom

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Category: Duke Basketball, Duke Basketball Game Notes


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