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Duke and West Virginia ready to face off in the Final 4

Good morning Duke fans. It’s been about a week since I have updated the blog and I apologize for that. Hopefully we will have two more game recaps in the next week and be talking about the Duke Blue Devils as the 2010 NCAA Champions! Duke flew out to Indianapolis on Wednesday as they have to partake in media interviews and get a couple of practices in before they take on West Virginia on Saturday night. The matchup against West Virginia is very interesting and one that I think will come down to the last possession. Currently Duke is favored by -2.5 points and the over/under at 131 points.

I think if Duke can slow down Da`Sean Butler who is averaging 19 points a game they will have a great shot at pulling out the victory. My question is who will be guarding Butler? Nolan Smith or Kyle Singler? Either player will have to be able to contest Butler’s shot and do so without fouling. We all seen what happened when Kyle picked up two quick fouls in the Baylor game, it pretty much took out his rhythm for the entire game and he struggled. Brian Zoubek and Lance Thomas will need to come up big on the boards and hopefully not be shooting the ball as much as they did in Houston (Yes, I’m talking about Lace).

In the end I think Duke escapes with a two point victory and will face Michigan State in the finals on Monday. I really like their chances in that game and bring home the NCAA Championship! Right now tickets are pretty expensive for the games as Butler is driving up the cost of tickets as they are basically playing in their hometown. I recommend you hold out and buy on Saturday but closer to game time and you should score a pretty good deal. I’ll be here at home watching on the tv, but I’ll be rooting for the Blue Devils just like all you!

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Duke’s defense shuts down Cal in 68-53 victory

Duke’s defense was huge on Sunday afternoon as the Blue Devils shut down a hot shooting CAL team in the second round of the NCAA tournament to advance to the Sweet 16 where they will take on Purdue.  Nolan Smith slapped the floor in Jacksonville to get the defense going and he shut down the PAC10 player of the year Jerome Randle as he only allowed Randle to score 12 points. Smith on the other hand scored a team high 20 points as the Blue Devils posted a 68-53 victory.

“I wanted to pick him up as early as I could,” Smith said. “I’ve seen films where he’d come up and shoot from 30 feet while guys are backpedaling. Today I was just up in him. He had to look at me before he looked at the rim tonight.”

Duke showed Sunday afternoon that they can beat teams with defense and rebounding and they don’t need to make 15 three pointers to win a game.

Brian Zoubek came up huge for the Blue Devils as scored 14 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. The 7’1 center is really coming into his own late in the season. As long as he can stay out of foul trouble and grab those rebounds this Duke team will be hard to beat in my opinion.

Kyle Singler chipped in with a quite 17 points on 6 of 12 shooting. However Singler was 1-6 from beyond the arc to go along with Jon Scheyer’s 1-8 from three point land. The three’s weren’t falling but it didn’t matter because Mr. Smith was playing lock down defense on Randle and the Bears couldn’t knock down any shots.

I’m excited for the game on Friday night as Duke will be facing Purdue in San Antonio. It was a good think that Purdue beat Texas A&M in the final seconds because I didn’t want to be playing the Aggies in their home state and I think they have a far more athletic team then the Boilermakers. Duke needs to shut down Kramer and I think they move on in the tournament to face the winner of Baylor and St. Mary’s.

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Duke moves into 2nd round with 73-44 win

Duke did not have any trouble what so ever in their opening round match up against Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Friday night as they cruised to a 73-44 victory. The Golden Lions had no chance down low as the Blue Devils controlled the boards and got the ball in Kyle Singler’s hands as he took the game over and scored a team high 22 points and grabbed ten rebounds.

Jon Scheyer hit three three pointers and knocked down a free throw as he chipped in with 13 points. Lance Thomas add 12 for the Blue Devils while Nolan Smith had ten of his own points on 3 of 10 shooting. Scheyer and Smith didn’t need to score as much as usual as Singler took the game over but expect Scheyer and Smith to really step up on Sunday as the team will need them to knock down more shots to move into the Sweet 16.

It should be an interesting game against Louisville and CAL tonight. I’m pulling for CAL as I think Duke matches up better against them but I actually think Louisville will come away with the victory. What do you think?

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Duke is the #3 overall seed and #1 seed in the South

In a pretty surprising seeding, Duke has been placed in the South Region and earned the #3 overall seed in the tournament. Almost everyone had thought that Syracuse would be sent to the South region but instead they were sent out West and Duke to received the spot in the South. So what does this mean for Duke after they won the ACC Tournament on Sunday?

Duke will take on the play-in game winner of Winthrop and Arkansas State Pine Bluff. The second round match up could be a very tough game for Duke as they could possibly take on Louisville who knocked off Syracuse a couple of times this season. I’ll be rooting for CAL to knock off Louisville in the first round game that is for sure.

Overall a lot of people and fans think that Duke has a pretty easy draw. I think if they can get by the second round game against Louisville or CAL, they would match up good against Texas A&M or Purdue in a Sweet 16 contest.

One thing is for certain, it’s tournament time and there will be upsets. Hopefully things work out for the Blue Devils this year and they can make it all the way to the Final Four and come away with a Championship!

Follow us all the way through the tournament on Twitter @justdukecom

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Thoughts after crushing North Carolina and a look ahead to the ACC Tournament

What’s going on Duke fans? Sorry for not having a blog article up after the Duke crushing of North Carolina on Saturday night. No matter what I would have said, it probably wouldn’t have made any since as I had a few too many adult beverages during the game. (I blame @TheVermonster for that!). Anyways, what a butt kicking it was on Senior night for the Blue Devils. John Scheyer and company finally got their first win over the Tar Heels at Cameron and they set themselves up for a nice run in the upcoming ACC Tournament.

The Duke/Carolina battle didn’t live up to past games as Carolina was beaten like a little kid after they got caught drawing on the home walls.  Scheyer, Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith knocked down early three’s as Duke jumped out to a huge lead and never looked back. At one point we were all tweeting on twitter like Duke was going to win by 50+ points. They didn’t win by that many but the 82-50 victory was good enough and on Senior night you couldn’t ask for much more.

Duke is set to face the winner of the Boston College vs Virginia game in their first game of the 2010 ACC Tournament. The game will be played at noon eastern on Friday. I don’t think Duke will have a problem with the game on Friday but will run into battles on Saturday and Sunday. I hope to catch some of the games but  I will be out of town for pretty much the entire tournament as I watch some state basketball here in Nebraska. Yeah I know, what am I thinking lol.

Expect to see Scheyer, Smith and Singler to continue knocking down shots while Zoubek and company grab the boards. I like Duke’s chances of the ACC Tournament Champs and also being a number one seed in the big tournament that will kick off next Thursday. What’s everyone’s  thoughts on March Madness?

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Duke rallies but falls short against Maryland

Well Duke fans, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about after watching the game Wednesday night. You know anytime that the Terps and Blue Devils collide that it will be a tough game for both teams and that was exactly the way it was. Maryland jumped out to a huge lead during the first 12 minutes of the game, Duke then rallied to only be down two at half time which seemed like a huge accomplishment the way they were shooting the ball in the first half. However, in the end it was Maryland coming away with the 79-72 victory on their Senior night.

You have to give a lot of credit to the players for battling back late in the first half. That goes to show you what Coack K expects from his team and can get when everyone is on the same page.  The difference in the game was basically Maryland converting their baskets late in the game and Duke not making theirs.  Sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don’t.

Even with the loss, Duke still sits at the top of the ACC standings along with Maryland. With a tough game on Saturday night against North Carolina up next, the Blue Devils will need to come out and pick up a huge win to make sure they at least get a share of the ACC Conference regular season crown. I think they get it done, and we will be right back here on Saturday or Sunday talking about the game. I will also be tweeting live during the game so make sure to follow us on twitter @justdukecom

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