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Gerald Henderson puts his name into the draft

The Duke Blue Devils will probably be without their best player next season as Gerald Henderson announced that he will be entering the NBA Draft but has not hire an agent at this time. However, it is expect that Henderson is shopping around for an agent and will end up signing with one.

“After a lot of thought and discussion with my family and the Duke coaching staff, I have decided to enter the NBA Draft,” said Henderson. “Playing in the NBA has been a goal of mine since a young age and I am thrilled to have the opportunity. My three years at Duke have been a tremendous learning experience and have helped me develop both as a person and as a player.”

I know as a Duke fan I would love to have Gerald back but his stock is so high right now and he more then likely will be a top 10 pick in the June 25th draft. It’s hard to turn down a guranteed contract like he will more than likely receive.

If Henderson chooses to come back for his Senior year, he will need to withdrawl his name before June 16th.

Whatever happens we wish you the best Gerald!

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Greg Paulus to play football at Michigan?

Senior point guard Greg Paulus will be graduating with his degree from Duke in June, however he might not be done in the classroom as he has the opportunity to go to Michigan for graduate school. The school part doesn’t surprise me, however he has also been offered a scholarship by coach Rodriguez to play footbal for one year.

I know that Paulus was the national player of the year for football his senior year in high school but I don’t see how this is a good fit for the Michigan program. Paulus isn’t exactly a speedy guy and I don’t see how he can run Rodriguez’s offense that great. Especially since he hasn’t thrown a football for four years and isn’t in *football shape*.

It will be interesting to see if Greg does indeed go up to Ann Arbor. One thing we know, he will give it is all if he chooses to and we wish him the best!

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A look ahead at Duke for next season

Hey everyone, well it’s been a while since I have blogged and figured I’d start looking forward to next season. We have plenty of questions that will be answered soon that will utltimately decide what kind of team Duke will be next season. The biggest question is whether Gerald Henderson will stay at Duke or elect to go to the NBA Draft. Another big question is if Coack K can land John Wall’s committment.

As for Henderson, I’ve read quite a few reports that he is strongly considering going to the NBA and hiring an agent. I’ve even heard that he will be hiring the same agent that North Carolina and his former high school teammate Wayne Ellington hires. Gerald will probably be a top 10 draft pick and we can’t really be upset if he chooses to go to the NBA. Of course, I’d rather have him back at Duke next season but his stock is very high right now and he has millions sitting in front of him.

As for the John Wall recruitment, it looks like it will be coming down to three teams. Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky. Will Wall follow John Calipari to Kentucky or elect to stay home and attend North Carolina or Duke? This is the type of player that could make Duke a final four team rather than a sweet sixteen of elite eight team. The coaching staff needs to do everything they can do to land Wall and keep him away from Carolina. I’m not sure which way Wall will go, but let’s all hope he chooses Duke Blue!

The Blue Devils will be welcoming incoming freshman Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee to the roster for next season. Kelly is a 6’9 power forward while Plumlee is 6’10 and also plays power forward. Both players weigh around 205 lbs so they aren’t the beast downlow that the team really needs to battle on the blocks. I’m not sure what to expect from either player in their freshman year so we will have to see how they develope and if they are able to put any weight on during the Summer.

When it comes down to it, I think next year’s team will be very similar to this year. Hopefully we can land Wall and he can be the speedy guard the team has been missing since Jay Williams and the team can be a final four team. At worse we are looking at another sweet sixteen team I am thinking.

No matter what, keep checking back here at JustDuke as we will have updates throughout the offseason about recruiting and the offseason!

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